Set up your products page

Group your products by categories


From the Products tab you can set which products are available for guests to buy, and how they appear to guests.

You can select specific categories or individual products when setting up your products page. 

If you select specific categories, your products are automatically grouped by categories on the products page. 

Your guests can use the category menu at the top of the page to quickly & easily find what they want.

To do this, you must first create the categories you want and add the relevant products to them behind the scenes. This is done in the product categories area in Venue Manager. 

For example, you can create a category for Parties and add all your party products to it. 

Then to add your products, select specific categories. Search for and select the categories you want to add. Once done, apply and save changes.

The category and all its products are added to the checkout. Click View checkout to see how it appears in a new browser tab.

If you don't want to group your products by category, you can select specific products and your products appear in one list. This might suit you if you don’t have many products. 

We recommend using product categories so that your products are grouped by category. It makes it quicker and easier for your guests to find what they want, making it a more enjoyable guest experience. 

It's also much simpler to set up and manage your checkout this way. Whenever you add a new product to a category, it's automatically added to your checkout.