Opening & closing POS till

How to open POS with starting float, and reconcile tills at the end of the day.


In this video, we’ll show you how to open the till at the start of the day, and close the till at the end of the day.  To open a till at the start of the day, log in to POS. Click More > Settings > Device. And ensure you have selected the correct POS Device by looking at the name at the top of the screen. 

Next, click Settings > Current till session. If the POS Device has an active till session, the details will be displayed here and you can either continue with the current session or close it. 

If there is no active till session, click start till session. All transactions will be recorded against this current till session. 

During the day, you can add or remove cash from the till in POS. Head to More > Settings > Current Till Session. Click Cash in / out button. To add cash to the till, click the + cash in button, to remove cash from the till select the cash out button. Click submit when done. 

To close the till at the end of the day, navigate to More > Settings > select current till session. Click Close till session. You’ll need to complete end of day reporting for your card terminal to get the total takings for the day. If you use integrated card payments, you can skip this step. 

Next, you’ll need to count the amount that is in the cash drawer and enter this in the cash in till field. You can use the cash calculator to help add up the amounts. Click submit once done.After the till is closed you can print a summary of the till session. In Past till sessions menu, select the till session from the list then click print. All closed till sessions will be listed here.