POS device settings

Configure your POS device settings based on your venue operations


In ROLLER POS you have the ability to configure unique settings on each of your POS devices to customize its behaviour and optimize its performance. To access these settings login to ROLLER POS & navigate to more > settings > device.  From here you will see a full list of switches you can turn on or off depending on whether you’re configuring a Cafe POS, Ticketing POS or a POS custom to your needs. In this short video, we’ll go through best practice setups for both a cafe POS & Ticketing/Entry POS

If you’re setting up a cafe POS, commonly used device settings include:

- Turn on POS V2

- Turn on skip capturing ‘new guest’ details 

- Turn on automatically prompt for modifiers

- Turn on production docket printing 

- Turn on capture table numbers 

- Turn on Auto print receipt

- Turn on Enable discounts

Once these device settings have been saved, when we go to a menu and add my coffee you can see that I have been automatically prompted to add a modifier. From here we can also add notes to include the person’s name & add a table number which will all appear on the production docket. We also have the option to add a discount code to the order. 

When you click “Pay” you are not prompted to enter any guest details which speeds up the ordering process. Once paid the receipt will print at the POS & the production docket will automatically print to the cafe or kitchen area. If you’re setting up an entry or ticketing POS, we would recommend enabling these key device settings:

- Enabling POS V2 as this will provide a better experience for POS users

- Turn off “skip new customer details” 

- Turn on “auto print receipts

- Turn on “auto check in on purchase”

- Turn on “allow users to undo check ins”

- Turn on discounts

Once these device settings have been saved, when I select a menu and add a ticket to my cart then click ‘Pay’ I’m prompted to add in the booking holders details before continuing. Once I add their details, click “save & pay” then complete the tendering process a receipt will automatically print & the ticket will automatically be checked in. If you need to undo this check-in, you can then select “go to booking”, select the ticket & then click undo check in. For a detailed explanation on all device setting functionality, we recommend reading our related support article on configuring your POS device settings .


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