POS overview

Learn the general layout and navigation of the ROLLER Point of Sale.


The Point of Sale is a flagship product in the ROLLER suite. In this video we will be showing you some of the key functionality of the POS.
So let’s get into it.

On the left hand navigation bar, the first button is to search for existing bookings that have been made online. You can search by name, Booking ID or email. You can also search by gift card, search by the booking ID or the gift card number.

Memberships, you can search by member name or member id, or the booking ID of the membership booking. Unpaid Tabs will show a list of tabs that are still open in your venue. You can search for Wallets, using the Wallet ID.
You can also search Waivers using the waiver holder’s name, email or date of birth. If the waiver holder is a minor you can search the name of the parent or guardian.

The search options available will be based on the features activated on your account. The rest of the navigation bar is dedicated to point of sale menus. These menus can be configured depending on what you want to achieve. 

The first example menu is Admissions which is session tickets available. This menu includes add-ons to those session tickets. They are configured to show based on the session start time.