Sell with ROLLER POS

Make a basic sale using the ROLLER Point of Sale


To get started with processing a sale in Point of Sale, select from the menu options on the left-hand panel. Select the tickets that the guest would like to purchase. In our example, this will be a 120 minute session: 1 adult and 2 children

Offer up any of the add-ons that the guest would like to purchase. In our example, they would be two tee-shirts, medium. And they would also like to purchase a bottle of water. So we will navigate to the Food & Beverage menu and select one bottle of water.  (NOTE: if you have configured barcode scanning, simply scan the barcode of the bottle of water to add it to you cart). 

Once done, there is a number of options available before you click Pay Total. If the guest is an existing member you can redeem their membership either using their name, email or membership number. Alternatively you could add this person as a new guest by asking for their first name, last name and email address. Click Save and pay.

This will take you to the final payment page, where the guest has a number of options to complete the transaction. They can select cash and put through a partial cash payment of $50.00. And then take another payment, say of, a gift card, and then scan or enter a gift card number if they have one. In this example, we are going to complete both transactions as a cash transaction. Balance is $42.85. We are going to click pay $42.85 cash.

If you click Go to Booking, you will be able to complete any additional steps that are required. This might include attaching a waiver to each of the tickets.