Redeem tickets in POS

Learn how to find a booking & redeem tickets in POS


Welcome to the search panel of the POS. Here you can search for existing bookings, gift cards, members, tabs, wallets and waivers. Depending on your plan you may only see a few of these options.

There are two way to find an existing booking:

  • Search for the booking holder name
  • Or scan or type the booking number. For bookings made online, your guest will have a booking confirmation email with a QR code that can be scanned.

On the left hand panel, you will see the booking details, including the booking holder information, products in the booking and buttons to upgrade items or add items to the booking. On the main panel you will see a list of the product tickets. Click the check button to check items in individually. Alternatively you can select all and perform a bulk check-in. Here you can also access bulk actions like remove and print.

To add a waiver to a ticket simply click on the ticket holder link, and search for an existing waiver. The footer area displays the payment state of the booking. If the guest still owes money you have the option to take a payment from this screen. Similarly, if you need to issue a refund, you can do so from this area as well.

Please note: Refunding may need manager approval depending on your venue configuration.

Users can also add a tip in this area by clicking the more button.

Finally, if your guests wish to add more items to their booking, you can click add items. This will take you to the sell screen, where you can process secondary items against the existing booking. This flow works exactly the same as a standard sale on POS.