Share your checkout with guests

Use a direct link for a full-page experience or integrate with your website for an overlay experience


There are two main ways you can share your checkout with guests. How you share it depends on whether you are using a full-page experience or an overlay experience.

You can link to it from your website for the full-page checkout experience, or integrate it with your website for the overlay experience.

To use a direct link for the full-page experience:

  • Click the checklist you want to open in the checkout setup area, and then click Share.
  • Click the direct link to copy the URL & add the link to your website or social media 'Book Now' buttons.

If you’re not sure how to do this, you may need a web developer to add the links for you.

For an overlay experience, you will need a web developer to add the code outlined in these two steps to your website templates. You can also add some code to your buttons to open up at a specific product. Check out the guide in the Help Center to do this.

And remember to always preview & test what your checkout looks like before sharing it on your website or social sites. Click View checkout to do this.

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