Venue Manager overview

Learn the general layout and navigation of Venue Manager


Venue Manager is the online portal / back of office tool  you will use regularly to create and edit products, make and manage bookings, configure your venue’s settings and more. When you first sign in to Venue Manager, you will see the menus options on the left hand side of the screen. You can access areas including the Dashboard (which is the current screen), Bookings, Products, Apps, Settings  and more. 

You will see different menu options on this left-hand menu bar depending on the staff permissions. For example, an admin will have access to reports, whereas a Booking Agent will not.

We have the Bookings menu with access to all the bookings made at your venue and where you can create a new booking. 

Underneath that is the Products menu where you can access all the products available in your venue or create a new product such as a membership, gift card, standard or session pass, stock item and more. The settings is where you will find options for adding staff, configuring tax and fees, adjust your branding, configure integrations such as Google Tag Manager, XERO Integration, API and more.

In the middle of the page is the global search field. You can find any booking ever in your account from here using the guest’s name, phone number, email address or booking ID. 

On the top right hand side of the Dashboard, we first have a notifications icon where we notify you of reports that are ready to download. 

Next is the help icon which is one of the most important and useful resources for you. It offers contextual help articles that have been hand picked for the page being viewed. For example, this could be a question on how to make a Venue Manager booking... Or how to configure your Google tag manager. The help center also has walkthroughs to guide staff through processes and interfaces in ROLLER … for example setting up a waiver in Venue Manager.

In addition to the contextual help, the help panel also gives you access to submit a support request to our awesome global support team, you can check out whats new in ROLLER by visiting our product blog pages, there’s plenty of information about updates to the platform, our status page and also our product roadmap showing what’s planned or in progress and where you can submit your ideas about features you’d like us to consider adding. 

Lastly on the right hand side is quick access to your staff profile, the ability to launch ROLLER Playground, which is a testing environment for you and your staff to put through test transactions and experiment with all the ROLLER features and access to our referral program. If the business you refer, ends up signing up with us, they will receive a free month subscription, AND you will also receive a credit to your business' account for the same amount as a thank you.