The calendar view

How to view and manage your day-to-day bookings in the ROLLER Calendar view


In this video, we’ll show you how to use the calendar view in Venue Manager to view bookings and use it to create new bookings. Navigate to Bookings > Calendar. The calendar displays bookings in a monthly view and it has 3 areas: the product filter, the date filter and the calendar. The product filter on the top right of the screen allows you to filter the booked products you would like to see. You can select an entire product type such as session passes, or individual products, or product categories.

The date filter at the top of the screen is where you can choose the first date to see a months worth of bookings from that day.  If your venue sells timed tickets, you can limit the bookings you see in the calendar based on the booking start time. Underneath that is the calendar itself. The calendar displays all the booking which match you product and date filtering. It has a handy key directly above it which helps you to distinguish between the different products selected.

Each day on the calendar will display the first 5 bookings and you can click on the day to open a side panel showing the rest of the bookings. You can click into any specific booking directly from the calendar or from the side panel and this will give you access to the booking details view. 

To create a booking from the calendar, select a date to open the side panel. Click on the Availability tab select the product the number of items and then click create booking with x items' to open the new booking flow. The items will already be added to the cart!