In this video, we’ll show you how to setup a waiver. If your business requires a waiver to be signed as part of the entry process, our Waiver functionality can be used to capture the waiver information electronically. 

Our waivers can also include form fields such as medical alert information, emergency contact information, specific terms and conditions for guests to accept and other requirements you may require.

In Venue Manager, navigate to Settings > Waiver > Waiver Details. Click the unlock to make changes button. Give your waiver a name. This is the title of the waiver that the guest is going to see

Select if you require guests to sign the waiver electronically. Not checking this box means the guest only needs to click a button to complete the waiver.

Choose how long the waiver is valid for. Select the minimum age that someone can sign their own waiver. If a guest is below the minimum age, they will need to have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver on their behalf. You can customise your waiver to ask for the waiver holder’s address, or add a form with additional questions such as medical alert information, emergency contact information, specific terms and conditions for guests to accept.

Next, add the content, you can type in the waiver text or copy and paste the content of the waiver from a text file. To add checkboxes throughout the waiver, add the text "[CHECKBOX]" at the start of the each clause and the end of each clause add the following text "[/CHECKBOX]".

Guests will be required to tick the checkbox in order to complete the waiver. Click Save & publish new waiver to publish the changes you made. Once you have published the waiver, Click Get waivers link to get the online waiver URL to add to your website and waivers kiosk address to set up the waiver kiosk in your venue. 

Signed waivers can be viewed in POS or from within the Venue Manager. There are two ways to view a signed waiver in POS. You can click on the waiver tab in the search menu and search by name, email or Date of Birth. The second way is during the purchase flow, when you add a ticket which requires a waiver to be attached.  The waiver search tool in POS has some great functionality that helps you find waivers as fast as possible, such as suggesting customers that may have attended together in the past, or if waivers were recently signed online, at the waivers kiosk or self serve kiosk, they will float to the top for quick assignment.

To view a signed waiver in VM, head to Guests > Waiver Holders. From here you can search for any waiver. Clicking the 3 dots next to the waiver gives you options to view the signed waiver in PDF form, email the waiver, Send a new waiver request to the Guest and to deactivate the waiver.