Prepare for the perfect online menu

Streamline your food and beverage operations and increase revenue with mobile food & beverage ordering.


Before you get started with mobile food & beverage ordering, a little bit of preparation can go a long way.

Follow these steps before creating your checkout, and you’ll be ready to start serving your guests in no time!

Step one: You’ll need to set up production management in ROLLER to support mobile food & beverage ordering, and manage docket and receipt printing from POS.

It’s easy to set up, saves time on printer management and you can relax knowing your guests will get their orders on time.

Step two: Add descriptions and images to your food and beverage products, as this is a great way to entice your guests as they scroll through your menu and increase food and beverage sales in your checkout.

Keep your descriptions short and clear so your guests know at first glance what they’re ordering, reducing the need for guests to seek clarification from your staff.

From Venue Manager, go to Products and get started!

Step three: Before creating your food & beverage checkout, it's important to define how guests can modify and customize your menu items. Configuring your stock modifier options is the way to do this.

Again, from Venue Manager, go to Products and select Stock to get started.

You have three options to choose from:

Select Required, if at least one variation of this modifier is required when a guest purchases an item. For example, if a guest orders a hot dog they're required to choose at least one topping to go with it.

Select Single choice, if only one modifier from this group can be selected at a time. For example, if a guest orders a coffee they can only choose one type of milk: full cream, oat or soy.

Select Open quantity, if guests can add more than one quantity of this modifier to their menu item. For example, guests can select 1 or more cheese slices to add to their burger.

And that’s it! To get started, head on over to Venue Manager.