From QR Code to production areas with mobile food & beverage ordering

When guests are ready to place a food and beverage order at your venue, they can conveniently scan a QR code to open the online menu on their smartphone!


With ROLLER’s mobile food & beverage ordering feature, when guests are ready to place a food and beverage order at your venue, they can conveniently scan a QR code to open the online menu on their smartphone.

Depending on how you’ve configured mobile food & beverage ordering, your guests will be prompted to enter their table number, or choose to pick up their order from the counter.

Menu sections are listed across the top of the screen. Guests can then select which section they’d like to order from, or scroll down the page to see a list of each food and beverage product available to order.

Guests can scroll through the menu and select each item they’d like to order. 

Depending on how your stock products and checkout are configured, when a guest selects a menu item, they can:

  • Select any available variations. For example, if a guest selects a poke bowl, they may then have the option to choose whether they want chicken, salmon or tofu as their protein option.
  • Select any modifiers. For example, guests may get to choose extra toppings or seasonings for their poke bowl.
  • Add any special instructions they might want your kitchen staff to know. For example, any allergies or specific requests.
  • And select the quantity. 

Once guests have made their choices, they can select Add to cart, and their cart will be updated.

As guests add products to their cart, they can see a preview of their order by selecting View cart, along the bottom of the screen.

Guests can edit their order from their cart preview, as well as remove products they no longer want.

Once your guests have finalized their order, they can select Checkout. 

They’ll be prompted to fill in their details, such as name, email address and contact number. Once this is done, they can move onto payment.

If you’ve configured your checkout to accept tips, then before your guests can add their payment details, a pop-up will appear requesting for them to add a tip. 

Guests can choose from pre-configured amounts, choose their own amount or elect not to add a tip to their order.

Guests can then add their preferred payment method and select Pay, to complete their order.

The final page guests will see is the Order confirmation page. This will show them the details of their order, plus the status of their order.

Green means the order has been successful. Yellow means the order has failed.

When an order has been sent, the production docket will automatically print to the correct print station. While your guests sit back and relax, the production docket is sent to your staff and they can prepare the order.

Once done, depending on how your food and beverage operations work, guests can then pick up their orders from your counter or your staff can deliver it to their table.