Create your online menu

Set up your checkout to suit your needs.


Once you’ve finished preparing for mobile food & beverage ordering, you’re ready to create your online menu in Venue Manager.

In this video, we’ll walk through how easy it is to set up!

From Venue Manager, head to progressive checkouts and select to create a new food & beverage checkout.

Enter the name of your checkout, but please note that this can’t be changed once your checkout has been saved.

Next, select POS device/s located at your food and beverage area. These devices determine which print stations will print your production dockets and are all part of ROLLER’s production management feature. 

We recommend setting up production management before creating your checkout.

Finally, select Create checkout.

From the Products tab, you can start to add and group the stock products in your checkout for easy ordering. This is where you build and customize the online menu your guests will use.

Simply select Add menu section. Give your menu section a title. Set the menu section availability by assigning a stock period. If no stock period is assigned then all items in the menu section will be available during operating hours. Finally, choose which products to add to the menu section.

We recommend adding your products by tag as it’s much simpler to set up and manage your menu sections this way. Whenever you add a new product to a tag, it's automatically added to your checkout.

Repeat this process for each menu section you wish to add. Then save.

Once saved, you can edit your menu sections by selecting the Edit button, making your changes and re-saving.

On the Options tab, you’ll find some other choices you can configure to customize your checkout.

For example, you can customize your table QR codes, select the print stations your production dockets will print to, configure your checkout appearance, the products page, the details page, payment and even tipping preferences.

Don’t forget to save once you’re done!