Refunds in POS

How to perform refunds in the ROLLER Point of Sale


In this video, we’ll show you how to process a refund in POS. 

  • By default, the permission to refund is turned off for POS Operators, refunds require a manager permission level or higher to authorise. However, this permission can be enabled by a Manager or Administrator by updating the POS Operator role.
  • Also, the permission to modify past bookings is disabled. This can be modified by updating venue settings to all editing of past bookings. 

To begin, find the original booking to refund. You can locate this by going to POS > Search and using the guests name, email address, phone number or booking ID. Alternatively, if the booking was performed during the current till session, you can find this booking by clicking More > Activity and find the booking based on the booking time or amount. 

Once you have found the original booking, click the refund button.
Select a refund method from one of the payment options listed. If you have a standalone card terminal, you will have to process the refund there first before confirming it has been refunded in ROLLER. 

You can refund the entire booking amount or select the individual items that the guest wishes to refund. Then click the refund button.  


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